Finally got out over the weekend, met with some friends at a place in burnaby, just for some drinks and appy's, chatt/catch up. bill comes due, didnt tip, why should i? service was crap, place wasnt busy, and it took the server about 20 to come see us take our drink order, another 20 or so before she came back with drinks, ordered food at teh same time, she brought it to us and it was only just above warm, and wrong as well, so sent back. we all had our own bills, in about two hours i only had three drinks {as the server hardly came to our table} food order was basically cold and wrong and had to send back. didnt even get any water, and we did ask, None of us where asked how everything was, just a attitude of, hurry up and order , and when stuff was served, here you go and puff vanishing act. even had to flag down a diff server to get our bills, who i guess, told the one who was serving us that we wanted the bill. why should you get a tip for just showing up and doing a crappy job? attitude, service sucked, you want a tip, do your job, dont just show up for a pay check, and expect that you'll be tipped no matter what. FYI i've done you'r job, two plus years, you want tips, then do your job with out the "piss on you for showing up and making me work" attitude.


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Good for you

Feb 23, 2019 at 9:45am

I wouldn’t tip either. Servers need to be aware that it is EARNED by exceptional service.

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