Customers who constantly demand to speak to the manager...

Just don't get it. I've worked in both retail and hospitality. And I find it amazing how so many people do this, demand special treatment or complain at the drop of a hat -- just so they can bolster horrible self-esteem. I've had friends brag that they "deal only with managers". What a joke! They don't realize that as soon as they leave the store, they become the laughing stock. But mostly, they are a waste of time and resources for business operation (I know this makes them feel special too). I'm not saying I condone bad customer service or consumers getting ripped off. But 9/10 cases I see customers just trying to work the system to their benefit. They have no conscience about causing trouble for staff just so they can get a discount, freebie, or refund they don't deserve. And if that doesn't work, they resort to cyber-bullying the business. They just don't get that there are so many opinions out there, so much noise, nobody cares about another squeaky wheel. I also see a cycle they increasingly contribute to (under-staffing), as people become less and less willing to take jobs dealing with the public.


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I ask to speak to the manager

Mar 22, 2019 at 10:56am

When the representative is incompetent or nasty.

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