I kind of ghosted you and not a day goes by that I wish I didn't you are the most perfect person in the whole world I'm so sorry

I met you when I was going to school. I didn't see you at first cause I was so focused on my personal life. Caught up in studying my textbook, going home to take care of my family member and cooking dinner. I was studying to be a baker. There you were folding uniforms. It was part of your job. I didn't actually notice you until a week after school started. I first thought wow your so hot. You worked as a cashier for the bookstore but also a dishwasher at the campus. I started talking in a few words each day. Only hi, good morning, have a great day, bye. Over time I would talk to you a bit more each time. I started looking forward to talking to you. Then I would go out of my way so that I can I have enough time to talk to you. I wanted to be asked for my phone number. Every time I saw you I was happy. Basically a year goes by. I'm graduating and I dont have the courage to ask you for your number, even though I really wanted to. I show you my graduation dress I made it was purple and sparkly my favorite color. After that day about 3-4 months go by. I haven't seen you, but I still cant stop thinking about you I feel like I'm going crazy. More time goes by. Almost a year goes by before I see you again. I'm starting culinary school a block away from my old campus. I still couldn't stop thinking about you. I know I am crazy, but maybe not because you remembered me. It's like time has stopped it was so easy talking to you and you made me feel so happy again. I would make a letter with a ribbon on it basically every day. Back and forth I would use my break in between class so I could talk to you even if just for a minute. Two months pass before the day I have been wanting comes. I waited for you to finish your work then I took the train with you. I felt really bad for you because you just had knee surgery even though you are young. You asked for my phone number. Omg I was so happy. We text each other for a while. It was around Thanksgiving that I stopped all of a sudden texting you. I got a new phone. It was like I had fallen off the face of the earth. I was a ghost. A year and a half goes by. Not one day without thinking about you. But I am a shitty person. I said a lie I cant take back now, I'm not sick anymore. The first time I ran into a year and a half later it's so awkward. I feel like you are putting up an invisible wall between you and me. I dont blame you. I was a ghost also a slight bitch. I went out by ambulance. It was a panic attack not lung problems. I didn't actually go on a date with you ever so probably liking you was just all in my head. But I am glad you are doing better. You will probably never see this but thanks for making my day everytime I saw you. Thanks for talking to me. Thanks for being the most perfect person in the whole world. I hope you stay healthy and happy. :)


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Talk to him!

Mar 18, 2019 at 11:44am

He's important to you.

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Cher Staite

Mar 19, 2019 at 9:58am

Thanks for the first REAL confession on these pages in a long time.

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