Staying fit for life

I never thought I’d be one of those women who ends up not being fit and strong in my old age. I was so active for the majority of my life, until a chronic illness hit me a few years ago. Since then I’ve become almost completely inactive, because I’m not supposed to put too much strain on my heart. It’s gotten so bad that I can’t bear to look at myself naked anymore. So this past l week I decided that enough is enough, and I’ve started just stretching and planking, and doing some body-weight exercises in my home. What’s amazing is how fast it’s coming back! All the years of keeping fit have really benefited me. Muscle memory is real. I went from not being able to plank for more than 15 seconds at once 4 days ago, to doing over 60 seconds now. I can do 50 squats too. So to all of you young people who think that you’ve got time to get fit, please don’t keep putting it off. When you’re old and possibly alone, you’re really going to need your body to be strong so that you can remain independent. Trust me, it WILL matter.


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This is an awesome, inspiring post

Mar 22, 2019 at 10:13am

As a guy in his 60's I can relate.
I'm at the gym most days and it has nothing to do with vanity (OK, maybe a little) but mostly to do with keeping my body as strong and flexible as possible as I head into my older years.
You're right, it does matter.

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Nicely done

Mar 22, 2019 at 1:05pm

Good to see this.
As opposed to the usual raft of excuses that essentially boils down to "but it huuurts, waaah!"
Yes. Yes, it does.
My mom is immobile, to the point that Fire Rescue is called to lift her off the ground when she falls. My dad has a strict gym regimen despite working 40h/week in his 70s, because he doesn't want to end up like mom.
A body in motion, remains in motion...

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life won't wait

Mar 23, 2019 at 7:15am

I am like you and had some debilitating issues that I thought put me down for the count. like you, I got back up and all alone, pushed through.

Congrats to you for finding this.

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