I confess I prefer hanging

With potheads than drunks. 100,000 stoned folks at Sunset Beach and not a single major police incident. Whaddya think might have been the result of 100,000 drunks gathering together?


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Well said

Apr 22, 2019 at 3:06pm

Couldn't agree more. Most stoners I know are way more peaceful and easy going than these loudmouthed alcoholics. Even sex with stoner girls is better.

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I prefer neither one

Apr 22, 2019 at 3:48pm

Drunks can become dangerous idiots, but I can't stand the smell of cannabis. It would be nice if people didn't feel the need to have to drink or drug themselves and found a better use for their time and money.

Is it okay...

Apr 22, 2019 at 4:18pm

...not to like hanging out with either? I prefer hanging with gardeners. You know, people trying to do something productive and pleasing with their lives.

Would have been

Apr 22, 2019 at 7:17pm

More vomit and urine with 100,000 drunks and more empties for the binners to collect.

Either way

Apr 22, 2019 at 9:32pm

Hanging out with people who are inebriated is frustrating and sad. They say and do stupid things, babble endlessly and sound like their brain is short-circuted. I choose neither.
Getting wasted is a waste of money, a trap keeping you in your rut. So...uh...no thanks to neither. And a festival to celebrate burning off brain cells helps me understand the state of our world, one you supporters can't complain about because I've seen you lying around all useless. This is what you pay for, to be a houseplant that later fills up on junk food? Whatever, your choice, but not mine to have it piling up on the sidewalk blocking my way. I got things to do and a life to live.

@is it ok

Apr 22, 2019 at 10:21pm

People who grow weed ARE “gardeners” who are growing medicine..and I’ll think you’ll find they quite productive and pleased with their lives.

I watch Nature baked

Apr 23, 2019 at 7:08am

And am always amazed at the neighbour hood watch people eyeing me up and sometimes calling the police on me for smoking pot and enjoying nature and animals.

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Apr 23, 2019 at 7:36pm

Ya right. 4/20 was a celebration of medicine. All those people have glaucoma and they were happy their vision was clearing at the beach.
Get real- 1% of the people use it as medicine and 99% just get messed up because they can't think of any other way to have fun.


Apr 24, 2019 at 10:08am

In 15 minutes I saw two people get hauled off by the police for being violent. the second guy sucker punched a by-stander and knocked him out cold. I'm not saying alcohol doesn't make people act worse, but lets not forget that drugs are drugs.

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Apr 25, 2019 at 1:24pm

This is like saying I prefer sitting in piss to sitting in shit.

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