It feels so unfair in every way.

Around 2 yrs ago I met a woman that I've come to understand is all I've ever wanted, not only that but she is all I'll ever need. It was not a right away realization but started to become more and more clear as we got on. I know now why it was the first time I saw her again we were locked in a strange stare and I never really paid it too much attention until recently. It has been a very difficult ride to say the least. Not long ago I reached out to my ex who was now in a "committed" relationship I needed advice on maybe what to do about this current situation. I had no one else, I'm mostly a keep to myself type, I don't trust too many people. She was not very receptive to helping me at all and was angry that I even asked. This was very unfair I felt seeing that on more than one occasion she had asked me for my advice about her new boyfriend a bit of a controlling asshole I think, but who am I to say. I think now it was a huge mistake,I believe not totally certain but it feels like her in every way. She is doing as much as she can to make sure I never get ahead in this love I found. Too much really relevant information that no one else could know. So now I find myself in love with the one person I feel so empty without and there will be no other her. By this I mean that any other relationship I were to find I would always be missing her, thinking of her and possibly comparing it to her. So I know I can not stop loving her I've tried it doesn't work like that, I feel like now I'm destine to be alone. It's ok though I'd rather have it that way than bring someone on as a bandaid and pretend that they are my everything. That would be unfair considering it's her I feel for me for ever, not them. I just feel so empty and wondering how long this will persist, I think it's coming up 3 months and no where near getting any better. Is there an end insight, I think I know this answer already and it goes a little something like no!


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Apr 18, 2019 at 10:35am

You sound pathetic.

Stop talking to your ex and man up. Tell this woman you love how you feel. Otherwise get over it.

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