We're learning nothing from history

Repetition tricks the mind to think it's group concensus. Politicians do it a lot. I fear that the Conservatives want power at any cost. I fear that the Conservative media combines this repetition trick with the excessive broadcasting of fear while appealing to base greed. Look at the trolls on here, repeating hate over and over. These sway people. It worked in the USA, and I fear that it's working here too. I fear that the Conservatives know that, and are imitating the same tricks that Trump does to gain power. We all think we're different from the USA, that we'd never make the same mistakes. Guess again; Ontario and Alberta are showing us otherwise. I think we are just like the USA, and fear that the Conservatives want it this way. I fear that they have deals with the US Republicans for personal profit, even if it means selling Canada's soul, pushing for two-tier health care and cuts in education to appease their masters south of the border. I fear that Canada is losing itself, and that when we figure it out it will be too late.


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Power at any cost...

Apr 20, 2019 at 2:24pm

Oh you mean like paying off media corporations to the tune of half a billion dollars? ...oh my bad, that was Trudeau.

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Apr 20, 2019 at 5:24pm

"the Conservative media"
The media is well known to have a very liberal bias. Look at Hillary illegally deleting emails on an illegal server, moves hundreds of millions from her corrupt Clinton foundation to Dubai,selling arms to ISIS allies in Libya and....nary a peep. Trump said some things about women 12 years ago,and its all over the news for months.

"It worked in the USA" Again,the media is liberal. Hillary lost because she has health issues,is unfit to rule,and is corrupt. Plus she did nothing in her campaign but cut down Trump. Trump gave people hope.

Canada is already lost,to the Chinese money launderers and the US billionaires

The problem...

Apr 20, 2019 at 5:38pm

... is that the "Canada" you think exists is nothing more than a product of mainstream media + statute law dating from the 50s or so. It's nothing any Government ever ran on, for example, no Government ever ran on implement "human rights", but we got them in the 50s/60s. No Government ever ran on increasing immigration but it happened in the late 80s/early 90s.

What you are trained by media to call "conservativism" is simply an end to the media-manipulation that has been going on since early last century, whereby humans are convinced that they share "common values" on a "national scale." Most conservatives don't believe there are "shared national values," they believe in shared human values that they want their nations to implement.

The good thing to note is that no industrial society has ever had problems maintaining itself except for when social planners try to screw things up. Canada is just fine, the real threat to modern humanity is the persistent delusion of "national values"---property, liberty, freedom, truth, these are not "national", these are words that everyone knows, but since the 19th century the program of the socialists has been to re-defined these terms, to give people 'new freedom' in exchange for their 'old freedom.'


Apr 20, 2019 at 6:42pm

Canada is America-lite. I find it fascinating how deluded Canadians are about that.

Agree with every word

Apr 20, 2019 at 6:51pm

The people downvoting this are delusional dipshits who like to lie to themselves that Canada is different from the U.S. Canadian conservatives started meeting with consultants from the Republican party (Trump's party) way back in the days of the Reform party. They learned to weaponize identity politics, white grievance, and resentment in order to drive people to the polls in acts of "revenge against the other."
And If you listen to the things they say, how they campaign, and learn about their policies, you can see how Canada's right wingers are now the Northern branch of American conservatism. I agree that the media is the problem, but I think the trouble is that they treat politics as a sport, and reporters/pundits are like the guys on SportsCentre. They cover the horse-race and don't really call out conservatives out of fear of appearing "biased." I also agree with your point about conservatives deploying the "repeat the lie" tactic. I remember watching them blithering about "emails and Benghazi" over and over until America's sheep internalized the idea that Hillary did was guilty of some crime. I think Canadian conservatives look at their American counterparts as a cool older brother who they desperately want to emulate. They desperately want to replicate their success in this country, and most people are too politically illiterate to understand what they're up to.

Reality Bites

Apr 20, 2019 at 7:10pm

I have to agree mate . Sure seems like Canada is headed in the Yank Lands direction .

speaking of

Apr 20, 2019 at 7:26pm

where do I go to meet like-minded conservative people? Are there any meetups or specific places/events?

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Your fear

Apr 20, 2019 at 7:27pm

Your fear is probably why Conservatives are taking over again.
Most of us dont want to live in a country where everyone is scared of hurting peoples feelings and creating a divide with identity politics like the left do.

Go back to your safe space.

Yah no

Apr 24, 2019 at 6:09pm

You sure live in a lot of fear of the conservative boogeyman - the daily propaganda from the liberal media, Hollywood, corporate elites, and academia has worked well on you. There are a lot of fake conservatives in the PC party (led by the biggest fake, Scheer) and tons of RINOs in the US. However crony capitalism is not just endemic in those circles, Liberals have been guilty of that too. I’m not for pointless war-mongering (US in Libya for example) but to deny that we don’t need a strong military in the age of a strong China, NK, Russia, Iran is beyond dumb.
You know what I fear? How gullible and dumb people are, voting for whichever politician offers them the most $ or plays to their identity group. I think we should fear our ballooning debt, federal and provincial. I think we should fear letting ISIS fighters back into the country, and promoting multiculturalism instead of integration, which leads to Balkanization. I fear the dumbing down of our children with progressive educational experiments that have already failed the world over. I fear we spend too much of our limited public funds on crap that doesn’t matter and not enough on things that will make a real impact, i.e., focusing on needle exchanges rather than early childhood development (as in trying to prevent mental illness and addiction rather than focusing on the stage when it’s usually “too late”).
I tend to get along with Classical Liberals - it’s the Progressives, a foreign European (failed) ideology that started invading the US in the 1930s with Teddy Roosevelt who was actually a Progressive. The modern Progressive movement is currently ruining American politics and the Democratic Party. Since the progressive movement has its beginnings in Socialism and Marxism, I think your fears are greatly misplaced. Reading the history of the Progressive movement and understanding how sick, corrupt, diabolical sometimes even murderous it’s proponents have historically been will really make you scared. The founders of America were largely libertarian (though believed in borders and a strong military), and also believed in a small government with appropriate checks and balances, property rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion etc. They believe your rights as a human being are intrinsic to your being, not granted through the state. None of that should be scary - it should be admired and upheld.

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