Life is short, but

I keep reading stories of people's lives cut short. We have to appreciate what is important to us while we can. We have to appreciate who is important to us. So why can't I do that? Why can't I show I care? Why do I just wait and hope they show me? I feel beaten down. I'm too scared to fall on my face again. Life is short, but...


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Ego says no

Jul 25, 2019 at 1:17pm

The question is the answer.
When one really takes on the idea that regrets are forever and there's little to lose that matters, the fear goes away.
A curious piece on cultural differences between executives (from a US Ivy League biz school) described this well, some time ago. It said that people from a certain country with a history of military coups and hyperinflation, are not terribly worried about the future. Very unlike North Americans, it said.
At one point, I saw this play out on a trade show panel. A CEO from this country was asked about the multi-billion-dollar exploration risks he was taking, and what would happen if he failed.
He said he refuses to "suffer in anticipation" - he'll have plenty of time to suffer in the event of failure, in the possible future. In the present, he tries to live a good life.
Quite brilliant. A really stark contrast between a culture of hope and opportunity, and one of anxiety and fear of loss (prevalent here).
Too many people here are afraid.
To look bad. To embarrass themselves. To make emotional (and other) investments. To feel pain. To lose stuff they have. To take risks.
Choose your poison. But note that any safety and security in life is passing, even when it isn't entirely illusory. Which is mostly.


Jul 26, 2019 at 2:56pm

Wow, you hit that nail on the head. I find that if you show any kind of emotion or crying or nurturing or anything like that you are then perceived as weak. How am I weak because I cry with a buddy of mine about how much he feels he has let his mother down. Sure, we don't look like guys who cry but I swear Everytime I do I get made fun of for a week. Also being afraid is a hard feeling to sidestep. I've had to deal with some of my worst fears and honestly I feel stronger than ever because of it. I can't worry about what the rest of the world thinks because in all honesty their opinion doesn't matter anyways. It's what youbelieve and think that counts.

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