Of Drama. Had a co-worker who had somehow convinced herself she was going to be fired. I'm her supervisor and told her (truthfully) I would have heard something about that and I didn't. In spite of this she blabbed to a bunch of clients, who complained to us. It turned out to be based on a rumor that was unfounded. She managed to cause so much chaos and upset so many people that she almost did get fired. When I got home from work, tired and upset, my boyfriend decided I was being cold to him, moped around to the point where I had to ask him what was wrong. He told me, if I didn't know there was no point in talking about it, then made me drag it out of him. As a woman I know we get accused of this manipulative shit all the time but men can be dramatic too, trust me. It's tiresome, makes me want to go live in the woods, away from other people.


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I live alone

Jul 25, 2019 at 2:39pm

and I love every second of it. I see other humans when I desire company, it's entirely up to me.
You can't really avoid people at work but you do have options with your passive-aggressive douchebag of a boyfriend.
In the immortal words of Dan Savage,


Jul 25, 2019 at 2:43pm

I love being single no drama and next time keep your mouth shut. Confidentuality.

I am disabled...

Jul 25, 2019 at 2:53pm

... I would love to go live somewhere that I didn't need to be around people, but unfortunately the Government doesn't pay enough for disabled people to live independently in the region of the province of their choice.

But it has a silver lining, I get to attend regular doctor appointments, and they all seem healthy and one of my friends whose partner is a doctor, they're on a month-long world vacation, so at least my useless life helps generate some billable hours for people like them.


Jul 25, 2019 at 3:36pm

Living with a fully self-actualized introvert is not that much different.
Hours can go by in this house without a word spoken, and often do. Sometimes in different rooms, or not, as may be. People go other places, and offer no information of any kind about it. Even afterwards. Everyone is assumed to be self-programming, even the dogs.
And if any are not... You're in the wrong house.

Hold me I'm scared

Jul 25, 2019 at 3:39pm

Chaos addiction is a thing. Once a person comes to terms with fact that they are addicted to chaos, they can start to move beyond it. Some people need chaos in their lives. It could be rooted in narcissism, a crazy childhood or ADHD. People with ADHD are always bored. It's complicated but once they see it they could have a breakthrough and seek counseling.


Jul 25, 2019 at 4:36pm

Um. No. People with attention deficit (hyperactive or otherwise) are NOT "always bored". Only someone who's never had it, would generalize like that. Nor are we drama addicts, except for reasons other than attention deficit.
The opposite, if anything. I've always had a reputation as other people's solid, reliable base. Many NAs have quite enough going on internally. Too much, really. And any drama from the external world is extremely unwelcome.
It's all the normies that have too much drama.
The modern-day massive drama amplifier that is social media, was not popularized by the few neurochemically and genetically afflicted attention deficit types. It's a globo-dominant success entirely due to its billions of "normal" masses. In a more innocent time, those masses watched Jerry Springer and friends, or reality shows. Now people live their lives that way. It's squicky, no question.
Narcissism, vanity, egotism and trauma, perhaps. ADHD, not so much.

Hold me I'm scared

Jul 25, 2019 at 8:24pm

I am ADHD and bored. My mind was much more calm living in Asia or Europe where things were just more interesting and I was always appropriately stimulated. I'm not interested in conflict, drama or even gossip. I find that tawdry and tedious.

Count me in

Jul 26, 2019 at 1:13pm

Living in the woods sounds great. Reminds me of that song "Tarzan Boy" by Baltimora.


Jul 26, 2019 at 2:50pm

As it happens, I'm from Eastern Europe, and a good friend is currently spending a year there (and gushing about it the whole time). I am, of course, jealous.

Correlation is not causation.
Bored here is not because ADHD, but because cliquey, flaky "Nofuncouver" (and most of neurotic North America) is boring and stressful. The universally worshipped protestant work ethic means that people live to work, not the other way around. In many major metro areas, crazy expensive everything causes financial anxiety. The outliers are places like Vegas, South Beach, New Orleans, etcetera, that prioritize enjoyment of life over the grind. But it's mostly tedious here.
In Europe, the opposite is true. European countries have some of the shortest working weeks in the developed world. There's gobs of culture and history, and people are far more social (especially in Southern Europe). Cafes, clubs and pubs are still a very big deal. Supper is a thing.
I could go on, but you're comparing a vibrant, confident, diverse, dynamic social environment of Europe, to the risk-averse, awkward, insecure environment of socially anxious North America. Where self-reported incidence of mental illness is between 25 and 50 percent.
Not a like-to-like comparison.


Jul 26, 2019 at 4:37pm

I mostly agree with you. Vancouver is a cultural wasteland and the people are weirdly culty like if not mentally ill. I've done significant research on the subject ADHD over the years to have a better understanding of myself. It is a topic of study by qualified researchers, obviously. More people with ADHD gravitate to risky entrepreneurship and extreme sports and love things like driving, gaming etc... We require stimuli. The current Incentive model describes a dopamine reward system that is responsible for motivation, positive reinforcement, and pleasure for all brains. However, dopamine-increasing behaviours are even more gratifying to ADHD brains. Medication helps but I can't stand the stuff. Coffee and stimulus does the same job, IMO.

Why stay In Vancouver? I found once I went out in the world and spent time in the truly great cities of the world, Vancouver became rather silly and that's not the ADHD talking. One just becomes a more sophisticated person with travel and education.

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