Is it just me?

Recently my mother was surprised when I mentioned went to popular post-secondary school some years ago. She said she didn't know this. Then I had a friend (supposed to be a "close friend") be really surprised at another LARGE life event of mine that happened some time ago, but I talk about it ALL-THE-TIME. Is it just no one cares when I speak, they just node and move on. Why do I even speak at all when people who are supposed to be close to me know nothing about me then I just get talked AT. Sigh.


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I have a pretty good memory...

Aug 18, 2019 at 1:34pm

and can recall many events from years ago that nobody who was there can. So, it's possible that people don't care enough to pay attention to what you tell them but it could also be that they simply have poor memory and can't remember details of their own life. I don't mind it, except when people are questioning my recollections because they don't remember it.

I don't expect others to remember details of my life because everyone is busy and already have so much on their plate. I don't mind repeating things or reminding them of things. If your mom didn't attend post-secondary, maybe she doesn't care about which institution you attended as long as you went to one; maybe your friend doesn't remember the event because it was long ago and she's confusing it with other things. Do you always remember everything people tell you?

I learned that not everyone is a good listener but that doesn't mean that they don't care about you or don't play an important role in your life in other ways. It's like the "Five Love Languages" in relationships. Some things matter more to you than to others because it's not their love language.

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