Never getting better

I was abused by my husband in every way for 17 years, I have PTSD from it. A year after I left him I met a man I let my guard down and I trusted him and loved him and then he cheated on me. My ex owes me over $10,000 in child support and he's doing everything possible not to pay it. Everyone tells me how strong I am but I'm not... I'm hanging on by a thread for my kids. I used to have hope that it would all get better but you know I know it's not going to. I know life isn't fair but it just seems like for some people it's more fair.


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Nov 8, 2019 at 4:25pm

"Hanging on by a thread", IS STRENGTH!
It's really hard to hang-on to nearly nothing.
The trick is, daily affirmations.
1: Be Grateful for what u DO HAVE.
-If you're not sure, imagine everything in your life burns in a fire, do u miss anything?
-how bout: clothes, food, roof over your head?
I lost everything, it really taught me to be appreciative when life gets lonely & lets me down.
2: Let go of your anger towards those who've wronged u; it ONLY continues to hurt YOU, drain YOUR energy.
These resentments train your brain to be negative. Time better used focusing on positive thoughts.
3: Motivation - be an example to your kids that you don't need anyone else to make you happy, that you DON'T NEED material things to be happy; that despite tough times, you CAN find joy in daily life, petting puppies, smelling flowers, playing games, helping others, etc, etc.
4: YOU decide if your happy, YOU decide if your worth it(hint: YOU ARE!)
Life ISN'T FAIR! BELIEVE ME, I know too well, how crappy it all can be; and being a sensitive person, it can be very difficult to let go & deal with everyone & everything, etc.
Remind yourself, it won't likely get 'magically' better, stupid fairytales rarely come true, but, patting yourself on the back for having the strength to make it this far, through one more day, is a good start.

in my own perception

Nov 8, 2019 at 4:34pm

you are a wonderful person. sometimes some things in our lives does not seem fair one bit. I'm a man and I can't understand these confusing hurtful things my own self.

Stronger than you think

Nov 8, 2019 at 8:21pm

It always breaks my heart hearing this kind of thing. I am a white man, so I can never really understand the abuse women and minorities are subjected to. But I do my best to listen and be an ally. I am truly sorry for what you have gone through. But you have managed to do what far too many women in abusive relationships have not been able to do. You got out... twice! You say that you are hanging on by a thread, but you are stronger than you think. Plus you are setting a great example for your kids. Don't give up. One day, (when you're ready) you will find a guy that will treat you like you deserve. Respectful, honest, loyal, and loving. Stay strong!

Life can get better...

Nov 8, 2019 at 8:37pm

But you have to be prepared to fight for it. You are right. Life is not fair and it sucks that you had a shitty husband, were cheated on and have to fight for child support. Well then, take him to court. Get his wages garnished. No more. The Finns have a word Sisu - that speaks to an inner reserve we all have. Just when we think we are done, we dig deeper and discover we stronger than we realize. That is your Sisu. You are not hanging by a thread. You are discovering your true strength. Tap you Sisu, dust yourself off and fight for the life you want. You'll get it. It won't be easy. There will be more bumps on the way, but you can do it. You can get to a better life. I have faith in you. Peace.

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It doesnt even matter

Nov 9, 2019 at 12:19am

It doesnt even matter.
Nothing makes sense.
Its Life Right.
Yay Lucky Girl
I dont have rickets or a leprechaun's temper.
Good day :)

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Was your ex abusive?

Nov 9, 2019 at 12:58pm

I doubt it. I bet you met that guy long before you broke up with your husband and were cheating on him.

I hope you start walking the streets and continue using meth.

You are gross

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@Was ..

Nov 11, 2019 at 9:03am

You're a fool.

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