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I confess that I’m very frustrated with a friend who can’t seem to see their own issues for what they are. Instead they focus only on what’s wrong with everyone else, while completely ignoring the sad state of their own life. It’s impossible to even try to talk to them about anything that involves their own problems/challenges without them immediately becoming very angry and shutting right down. I used to still be willing to be open with them about my own insecurities and flaws, but since I realized that it’s always going to me who’s the “problem” person, I’ve stopped being open to that anymore. Our relationship is now completely damaged because I got tired of being seen as flawed while they got to paint themselves as someone who’s perfect. Trust me, their own issues are absolutely massive and I get why they want to avoid dealing with them, but it still gets pretty tedious with them sitting up on their high horse passing judgement without ever acknowledging their own stuff.


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Feb 24, 2020 at 6:36am

People often need time and/or specific circumstances to arrive at a headspace where they can see their behaviour clearly and make adjustments.

Trust that this will be sorted eventually. In the meantime, if being around this person makes you feel bad, perhaps that’s a cue that you need to take some time apart and shift your energy elsewhere.

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Or they just get really sick and..

Feb 24, 2020 at 2:06pm

Who knows because it seems that's been a normal path of late. From healthy to not even a little bit healthy now. Almost over night and such, so I'll be on my way soon and yes many a regret to leave behind mostly just one very big one.

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