I'm doin it

Spent far too long wallowing in self pitty, waiting for things to happen the way i want them to. Recently came to the realization that i could actually do some things to possibly help things turn out the way i want to ( also the realization that i am kind of dumb for taking so long to realize this). The realist in me points out, that since it took so long for me to reach this conclusion, some dynamics may have changed, and things may not play out how i want. But i feel so much better knowing that i am actually trying to make a difference. Even if it is too late.


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Its never too late

Feb 27, 2020 at 7:00am

Dont give up.
Murphys law.
It always takes longer than you think.
And those dam bumps in the road are bumpy..lol
The adventure never ends, just finds a new course.
Have fun along the way !

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dr hip

Feb 27, 2020 at 10:20am

You have choices and you have decisions to make. Remember you cannot control other people, but only the choices you make. And you're right sometimes things don't turn out the way you want. But if you can accept and move on, you'll live much easier. I recommend the book Choice Theory by William Glasser.

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Read what you wrote

Feb 27, 2020 at 11:12am

Then ask yourself again is that a happy I am with the effort or is it the resigning of a failed marriage to an important piece of your life. It the answer is yes I failed then my dear, make a fucking unfailing attempt at fixing it. I failed someone I was most certainly meant to do much better for, and now I'm regrouping and charting a course to success. Failure is not an option in this case, I can not let the dirt bags turn a spirit such as hers into their version of success. So remember there is no try, there is only do or do not. Or you know whatever that funny looking green fucker said in that successful movie about wars in the stars. ;-)

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