I'm grateful, not just to medical folks on the front lines, fighting the good fight to keep us all safe from the Virus. I'm grateful to those folks in essential services that still wake up and go to work to keep the lights and heat on, lines of communication open, food and clean water available - all those services that prevent human civilization from descending into anarchy. I'm grateful too to those folks that are making the right choice to listen, stay safe, and at home. We humans are a powerful force, that can accomplish amazing things when we unite together in common cause. I'm truly grateful and delighted that there are actually so many of us doing our part. I lift my cup to you.


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Apr 1, 2020 at 10:44pm

Thank you grocery workers, thank you Starbucks drive through workers, thank you Kia on Marine mechanics. You make it possible for me to get to work supporting front line healthcare workers.

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