I’m just going to let myself feel lost, upset and angry then I’ll let these emotions pass because I know this pandemic won’t last forever. But jeez. My 6 year old daughter lives in Bellingham with her mom, and I can’t cross the border to visit her or have her spend the weekends with me. This is rough. Looks like the next time my daughter sees me she will have a new (rescued) pup.


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Dear dad

Apr 5, 2020 at 10:32am

I had to tell you that i remember back when I was 5 and my mom and dad had a horrible peace bond against eachother.
I didnt see my dad for almost 5 years.
I was 9.
No matter how much time passes, she will be waiting for you and your daughter will be SO excited to see her dad and give him a big hug.
Maybe you go old school and become pen pals until this is all over.
Send some stickers, pictures anything and get her to write you back. The anticipation of waiting for the letter could be fun for both of you and will help pass the time.

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