Its funny

You know whats funny about people who make offers when you dont even ask for anything ? Meh When it falls through, and it always does. You dont care ! It was never in the plan anyway. No expectations there. Just a bunch of hot air ! See what I mean ? Funny


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Or maybe it's like.

May 29, 2020 at 7:36am

The way your post starts and your response somehow or lack of any screams f/o. You clearly wish they would have at least tried am I wrong? Still non-verbal ques can give an answer we may be unaware of sending with a subconscious language that squirms out all on it's own. Verbals like "you better not forget!!) in a manner that sweeps a little to a lot of scarcasm will provide at least hopefully a response to do as they were told not to forget, there it's all on you. Risk not gain not... Right?

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