Borrowing Stress

It's the one habit during all this I need to kick. I'm not a business owner in debt. I'm not a health care worker burning out. I'm not in a relationship that's been trapped with isolation issues. What happens in America has no relevance to me as I live in a place with Doctor Bonny leading us. I like the cool summer weather as it helps me sleep. I spend money locally. My life is good and positive. But I daily look to things other people stress about and borrow their stress for some reason


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You might be borrowing stress

Jul 8, 2020 at 7:28pm

Because you are an empath.

This can be a gift because you are able to understand the way people tick on a very deep level. But it can also be a curse because, as you imply, it is easy to turn into a sponge that absorbs other people’s stuff and confounds it with your own.

I think it’s really positive that you’re looking at stress absorption as a “habit to kick” as opposed to a concrete part of your being. There’s definitely a lot of resources out there on how to protect and manage your energy. I’m still learning how to do this myself. It’s challenging but very worthwhile.

Good luck on kicking the habit and let us know how it goes. You got this!

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