I was laid off in the winter and then gave up everything in my life in Vancouver for employment in a different city where people don't speak English. Lockdown happened the week after I found an apartment and I have been feeling the effects of isolation ever since. Because all I do is work and the job has me demoralized, there's not much happiness in my life. I do t really know what to do because there's no going back now. Only forward.


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You’ll be okay.

Jul 2, 2020 at 8:45pm

Call the people you know. And listen. Don’t vent/talk, just listen to what they’re experiencing. My isolation makes me overthink my loneliness. But even that is temporary, listening to others about whatever is on their minds (even when it’s silly things like dog food prices, or gyms being closed) gives me a mental break from my own world, and broadens my perspective on the consequences we’re all facing. Sometimes I start routing for other people’s happiness and it brings me joy. Maybe it could work for you too.

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Jul 3, 2020 at 1:28pm

Be honest with your friends and family and tell them you're lonely and want to have more phone calls to catch up, play more online games, etc. A couple years back, one of my friends ended his relationship and spiralled into depression. I'm very glad he had the confidence to reach out and say "can we please hang out? Name an activity, I just really need to be around people." People don't know what you're going through, and we didn't talk about his breakup, but we did become good friends and I'm glad I was able to be there for him.

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Jul 3, 2020 at 3:00pm

My friends have their own bigger covid problems than mine because I have a job they say.

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