On social distance protocol

During this pandemic, I had gotten used to being the one that either stepped off the sidewalk to create space or cross the street entirely to maintain social distancing protocol. But this month, people have finally started to do the same for me, and i must admit it feels great! They would always be walking with this dispirited expression and it wouldn't matter if they stepped off the sidewalk or cross the street. I would just stare at them until I was certain we had eye contact. Where I would then proceed to thank them seemingly out of the blue; since this has never occurred for me when I did the same for other pedestrians. And guess what? Upon hearing those 2 simple words, these people would totally light up. They knew I recognized and acknowledged their efforts and the change in their body language was profound. So, I'm gonna continue to do the same whenever the situation arises cause you all turn into cuties! Keep trudging along in these trying times!


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Luna Lake

Jul 4, 2020 at 10:01am

1 second of happiness per day is not enough.

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