Party zone

I get that restaurants with limited indoor seating now have set up patios to compensate. But now it looks like there’s a street party going on every night as crowded patios line the sidewalks. Obviously a well-intentioned move, but the optics of the end result is a bit off.


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Jul 7, 2020 at 1:18pm

the majority of restaurants are operating at a loss or recouping debt from revenue lost over the last few months. There is only a month and half left in a rain filled summer.
I sit at home and have banked my c.e.r.b. by not eating out, and saving my money knowing that this fall the economic crash will be just as hard to ride out.
I have more disposable cash and a less stressful life than business owners do right now.
if they can survive, I say, let them try. most of us will be better off than small business owners will be this year.

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Party Party Party

Jul 7, 2020 at 3:46pm

There should’ve always been outdoor seating. Finally blandcouver has something to look forward to.

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