Still its you in my heart

I still remember that rainy morning, when i woke up only to find out the reason which eventually ended up my relationship with her. I spend the 24 hrs in isolation at hospital and seeing me in misery she came back to me. It still didn’t worked and everything was destroyed but on diwali night when i came to her she was with that same men. I still did what ever she asked for, meetups, trips, calls. We don’t talk to each other now. But i don’ think that i could just move on. I still love her and thats what I promised her once. WE SAY TIME HEALS BUT REALITY IS THAT THE FACTS REMAIN SAME WITH A PLACE LEFT EMPTY IN OUR HEARTS and me writing my confession tells it all.


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Jul 8, 2020 at 1:55am

Sooner or later you will face up to this or else spend the rest of your life worrying about something that you should really be moving on from.

It's your choice.

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Be healthy

Jul 10, 2020 at 8:03am

Move on for your own sanity and try to quit thinking about her. She's made her choice and is obviously not for you. Be safe and healthy, physically and mentally!

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