Oh, it's coming, all right.

I went to get a late nite snack and decided to go to Granville Street on Saturday night. I was stunned. A whole block cordoned with police cars and multitudes of people clubbing. No social distancing at all. Throngs of people clustered closely. It looked like spring break in Florida. Not even the police wore masks. It takes weeks to show symptoms, & one superspreader can infect hundreds in one go. It's not just getting sick, it's the months of rehab that people don't think about as you recover & we don't have the infrastructure for that volume. I notice wherever there is alcohol in the equation, there are large clusters, no masks, no social distancing. Every potentially dangerous scenario involves open consumption of booze along with futile, naive attempts to ask people to do the right thing. It's not happening at all, stupid leaders & medical experts. Open your eyes. Worse, the city wants to allow open liquor at over 20 parks & open plazas. Are they insane!? We can’t get people to be careful as is & we want to increase chances of spread!? We are screwed. Just wait. It's coming & the next wave will be far more brutal than the first because many of you think it's over, that it's not so bad, that it's a hoax, that the odds are in your favor... just like those who were decimated in the last pandemic. You'll see, & I don't care if you believe; you're practically dead to me already.


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the news confirms

Aug 2, 2020 at 2:29pm

every news story I watch on TV promoting the amazing bounce back in economy and full campsites has video after after of people who are not social distancing or wearing masks.

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Something about this post

Aug 2, 2020 at 5:59pm

Makes me want to go to masked battle Game of Thrones style. I have been pretty careful with the social distancing since mid-March, am bottled to explosion, and the Granville clusterfuck you describe is the last goddamn straw.

Thanks for stoking the inner fires. Winter is coming indeed.

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