It's as funny as hell when you think about it. But at the time, it was probably the worst moment in my dog owning life. It was waking up to the smell of dog poop at 7 am, so strong it made me dry heave. It was the realization that there was a steaming, wet pile of feces not a foot away from my face. On my pillow, if you please! Yes, my dog took a dump on my bed. It's been years since, but that's the first thing that came to mind when my daughter called and told me she was getting a puppy for my grandson. I said, "Do you remember that time when Dex pooped on my bed?"


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Oct 27, 2020 at 6:48am

My cat did that too, the bastard.

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Your cat did that?

Oct 27, 2020 at 6:34pm

Time to change the kitty litter!

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Oct 28, 2020 at 9:18pm

Cat! Stop wriiting bad thingz abut is dogs... slander I say. Why would we do that when we only want to cuddle with us huuuuman.

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