Spending way too much time

wondering about the I Saw You people. Do they ever get together? Or are they just a bunch of lonely people desperately looking for connections in all the wrong places? Building up a casual comment or professional smile into something too big. I only wonder because I've been guilty of this - thinking someone really liked me, but they were just being polite. I hope those people are more aware and realistic than I was.


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Some probably do, many likely don't

Nov 26, 2020 at 3:51am

I'm sure it's hit and miss like every other way of connecting. Like the lottery, you have no chance at winning if you don't ever play.

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Many chances lost

Nov 26, 2020 at 5:43pm

Looking back, one of my biggest regrets is that out of almost a year of chances, I never asked out/said anything of importance to this handsome contractor (curly hair, glasses) who worked near me. I never said anything because I was sad/anxious for many months because of my workload, and if I said anything and it backfired, I would have seen him around the hallways and cafeteria and it would've been awkward. We're both younger than our coworkers and have completely different jobs. I haven't seen him since last year. If I ever see him in the future I'll tell him "I always thought you were cute". Who cares if this sounds creepy lol jk. I hope he's doing well. I never even asked his name, and I actually had the chance early last year. Frick. Oh well. Single forever. I could almost write a cheesy eBook about this. I haven't liked anyone since and am currently focusing on saving money to move out on my own.


Nov 27, 2020 at 6:06pm

Doubt it, the posters seem self absorbed and desperate for supply. Yeah, spending too much time on trivial matters, maybe volunteer or something?

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