Thirty years ago

Hello from Patrick so thirty years ago I was a mid twenty year old single guy living in new west and working at a drug store. I placed an ad on one of those phone chat lines a young women let's call her Jennifer who was a student at UBC, we hit it off we talked several times a day for months we helped each other out for emotional support ,laughs and made plans to meet But being a young guy I screwed up and we never met and lost contact, life went on and here we are now. With covid and a health scare the mind wanders what happened to this bright ,cheery women I can imagine she is happily married and possibly a family, I don't want to cause any troubles but it would be interesting to find out how she is and how her career went?


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Ashy Slashy

Nov 18, 2020 at 2:41am

Thirty years ago is a GREAT start to your story.
But instead of the blahblahblah boring stuff maybe you went to an isolated cabin the woods with some friends (maybe including Jennifer). You discovered an ancient book of the dead and accidentally released evil into the world. Evil found it's way into your hand and you had to cut it off and replace it with a chainsaw.

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'89 -'90

Nov 18, 2020 at 10:26am

That's about when those phone personals started. There was the Telepersonals, the Phonebooth (or was it Fonebooth?), and one other that I can't remember the name of. There were different sections: Relationships, Casual Dating & Friends, etc. It was always entertaining listening to guys' ads in the Fetish section.
I'm still close friends with 2 of the guys I met that way and they're both married (& one has kids) to women they met thru the phone personals.

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I get it

Nov 18, 2020 at 10:58am

Hi Patrick, I was also a 20ish dude wracking up huge credit card bills on The Night Exchange. I talked with a lot of interesting people and even met up with some people (one of whom is still my friend although we don't hang out IRL due to respecting our significant others). I too am plagued with sentimentality and nostalgia from time to time. Looking back on my brief period of "sowing the wild oats" it really strikes me that, for me, there was no such thing as casual sex. There was uncommitted, FWB sex, but with every person the feeling, the tenderness, affection, gratitude, passion generated strong emotions and lingering attachment that leaves a sort of phantom limb ache, if that makes any sense. I wonder if I hurt my ability to commit, and have become too guarded and fragmented. And yet I have fond memories for a lifetime. Anyway, thanks (?) for sending me down memory lane. I think it would be a cute story if your phone friend contacts you in some way, but I don't think it will happen, and probably that's a good thing.

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