Pandemic time kindness at Surrey has station

Today after work, I went to get gas. I first walked into the store to pay and since there was a customer in front of me trying to count his change, I had to wait a few minutes. Once he had paid for his things, he turned around, and asked me if I was getting gas. I said yes, and he told the attendant to add $5 to my gas, as he said he had made me wait and he felt bad. I reassured him that I wasn't in a hurry and that I didn't want to take his $5, as he looked like he didn't have a lot himself. He insisted and walked out of the store. It was a very, very sweet gesture and whoever you are, thank you so much!! It was completely unnecessary but I truly appreciate it. I hope someone does something really nice for you soon. I will pay it forward and thank you again.

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