Teresa Teng...

I love you... Although its been 20 years since you passed away but I am still into and listen to your music. It will be in my heart forever. Your words in the songs as well as your speech has given me some encouragement, peace and hope. Recently, some musical group in Vancouver played an instrumental rendition of one of your famous songs 'The Moon Represents My Heart' which is great... You are truly a powerful musical legend indeed, also an innocent, friendly, gentle and kind lady artist and will be sorely missed by many fans like me. People will remember you for a long long time. As a long time fan, I just want to say Thank you thank you so much for contributing to the music world all the way from Taiwan as well as giving many hope, love, happiness and positive energy to the world..especially during difficult times in which when the world desperately needs more love.. Your music symbolizes peace and prosperity. I promise you I will never give up despite the adversities in life. I shall overcome it. Thank you for being here at that right moment, Teresa Teng. I really appreciate it. With thanks, from one of your dedicated fans


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Jul 29, 2021 at 8:46pm

A beautiful confession with depth for a change. You've inspired new fans with your heartfelt words and I thank you for that.

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Aug 23, 2021 at 12:29pm

I confess , I love Goddess Teresa Teng with all my heart. Not only was Teresa Teng the best singer in the world, she was also a wonderful wonderful person. TT had it all ; talent beauty charm brains determination kindness and a love for humanity.

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