If I attend a night club or concert in the near future...

and people are dancing and mingling... you know what? I won't report the venue for a violation of covid rules. In that case, I would be voluntarily attending a social event, voluntarily choosing to be at a crowded concert or venue. I want to go to concerts and have fun, dancing and move around, not have to wear hazmat suits and keep 6 foot poles between us to make sure we're distanced. I have 2 vaccinations, I have a passport. If everyone else who attends these events (which they are opting/choosing to do voluntarily) is in the same boat... well? What more can we do. We can't ban dancing forever, we can't do social distancing forever. Here is the new reality: covid (and other disesases) are here to stay for the rest of our lives. We'll have to get a yearly vaccine like the seasonal flu shot. We need to try our best to resume normal lives again. I personally won't be "ratting out" any venue that I voluntarily attend if I see people dancing. If someone is worried about getting sick, getting covid etc. then perhaps choosing to attend a busy nightclub, hockey game, or packed concert venue isn't the best decision. I yearn for mosh pits and dance floors! I also don't want all the venues to close down due to poor revenues.


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The problem

Oct 20, 2021 at 9:08pm

You and the rest of people saying stuff like this are forgetting that our medical system is severely overburdened thanks to the number of Covid patients, and severely under-staffed for the same reason. People who don’t get vaccinated are the ones most likely to require medical attention. People attending crowded locations and mingling without taking precautions are most likely to get sick. So should those people, who are “voluntarily” putting themselves at risk, not also “voluntarily” deal with the results on their own? Why should they get free medical care, put a massive strain on our hospitals to the point that the rest of us have to wait extraordinarily long times for non-covid related medical procedures, when they’ve “voluntarily” done this to themselves? I’m fed up with hearing about their rights. I’m fed up with worrying about my elderly mother whose life has shrunken to her living room because it’s not safe for her to even go to the grocery store anymore. I’m completely devoid of any sympathy whatsoever for the morons who refuse to get vaccinated, or for any business that refuses to follow the rules. If those idiots get sick they should just stay home and hope to hell that they survive it on their own, without any free medical help at all. If that business gets shut down too f’ing bad. It’s called consequences.

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@the problem

Oct 21, 2021 at 9:03pm

The problem is people not getting vaccinated. The people out at venues are vaccinated. They aren’t the problem.

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@ Hey Problem

Oct 22, 2021 at 10:06am

It's people like you that are so daft and self righteous.
You do not know what you speak of , only what you have been told.
There is way more going on behind the scenes of covid and how many booster shots have you had so far ?
Vax passports to eat out !
Isn't access to food a right for everyone ?
Stop being such a sheep.

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@@The problem

Oct 22, 2021 at 4:58pm

Have you missed the little detail that if all of the people dancing and mingling in a venue are vaccinated, it’s because the venue had to check their vaccine passports before letting them in? So that’s why I’m fully in favour of the passports. I want to be able to freely go out again too, but I also want to know that people in the same establishment as me have been double vaccinated. It’s not rocket science.

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