I've made women laugh uncontrollably, and not at me.

I've sometimes told a joke, or played a tiny practical joke and I've made women laugh uncontrollably. Real laughter that went on and on until I was uneasy and concerned. These were pretty innocent jokes, like saying that the image of a chubby-cheeked child on TV resembled a young adult we knew; and, cutting out a rag and stapling a small orange bikini on a little stuffed brown bear that we had previously disagreed about its gender. And one or two other times. Three different women. No previous uncontrolled laughter. And all three women definitely thought the jokes were funny. At first I thought, this is great, they get my joke. But then, it was scary.


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Oct 25, 2021 at 9:05pm

... have retained my capacity to laugh uncontrollably well into adulthood or maybe I never grew up I don't know. I found that in Social settings some people find it aberrant to laugh to the point that like you're laughing as loud as you can and going on. Even Outdoors some people find weird that you can be so happy. I guess it is sort of scary because all emotions or affect it's scary if it's not bridled at least to the up tight krowd

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Oct 26, 2021 at 1:25pm

Laughter feels great. You made these women laugh and what’s so bad about that? We all need some comic relief in this day and age. Judging them on it is stupid. Get over yourself.

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