I confess that I'm mystified by all the loudmouth chatterbox idiots who, in spite of the scores of public places in this city that DON'T have live music which they could visit, insist on coming out to the all-too-few remaining ones in these pandemic times that still DO, and then proceed to yak away incessantly over the music, because I guess the people who paid to come out to hear some, you know, music, would totally prefer to hear stories from some stranger at the next table about how their neighbour is having an affair with the pool cleaner. Not to mention that it's also completely disrespectful to the performing musicians.


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It depends...

Oct 25, 2021 at 12:12am

... on a lot of factors. Nothing is stopping you from asking them to be quiet, or telling the establishment you are leaving if they won't do something, so, you know, quit whining.

Generally, tho, this sort of behavior is dictated by the amplifiers. If the amplifiers are not loud enough to make it pretty difficult to talk, you're at a bar with a show, not a show with a bar, and, well, people talk at bars.

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OP you nailed it

Oct 25, 2021 at 7:38am

while were talking about things that mystify why do people with raging colds insist on going to crowded places so that they can sneeze and cough all over everyone and everything? In movies, in grocery stores, I secretly imagine them wasting away with cancer then I smile and buy some pepperoni

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Oct 25, 2021 at 9:01am

This has been my pet peeve for years. And asking people to stop talking just ends up with angry stares or a fight. Contentiousness is a increasingly rare quality.

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Oct 25, 2021 at 1:06pm

It depends if you're at a theatre or at a bar. Like I remember the railway how it used to be and haven't been since I can't remember who took it over but anyway I haven't been there for a while. Now they had bands at the railway but it wasn't really a theatre it was a bar with a stage in it. Bars have often put on shows as a way to bring in the punters. Now the bar owner only cares about your impotent whining if you're going to tell them look you get everybody to be quiet when the shows on or I'm not coming here and giving you my $10 cover and sipping on two beers. And he'll probably say well okay those people who talk and just have a good time without thinking too much about things they have like four beers so okay you know what am I going to do? If I'd gone to a show at the Vogue or if I went to the Vancouver Symphony and someone were talking yeah that's inappropriate but I cannot imagine asking someone to stop talking in a bar. I just can't imagine doing it. A lot of people just don't idolize performers it's like background music. If you do to the point that you want everybody to be quiet so you can stare lovingly this person who you have this conception of well that's very nice. I don't go out very often and I'm not one of the people who would be talking during the set but I don't think I'd ever feel aggrieved. If you're out you're enjoying the experience whatever it is. Contentious is sort of rare people are more passive aggressive now but people are also very rigid. I mean I take it you're talking about a bar with performers on?

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Oct 25, 2021 at 5:49pm

YouTube videos plz

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