I’m optimistic

Yeah, I know and please don’t get me started about where we are and where we’ve been, so on and so forth. But at this very moment in time, I’m optimistic. Just saying.


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Jan 14, 2022 at 12:47pm

Some my way or spill where I can find that!! Happy for you OP, ride the wave

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I share part of your optimism

Jan 14, 2022 at 3:51pm


And I won't start with all that. I try my best to like, not bite heads off even when under extreme stress and duress. :)

My present and future have been incredibly bleak for the past ~13 years straight - the uninterrupted agony isn't describable.

But at the same time, I've matured in some ways more than ever before, and the time is looking more "now or never" than ever, so... sky's the limit?

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I opt

Jan 14, 2022 at 4:11pm

I love that attitude! Me too!

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And I'm...

Jan 14, 2022 at 6:43pm

Optimus Prime.

Autobots, roll out!

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Jan 15, 2022 at 12:13am

You going down a road that will only bring you heartbreak in the end.
But happy trails.
Optimistic Sure !

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Life has not changed

Jan 15, 2022 at 12:28pm

Prosperity is a river that will forever run based on the eye the beholder. Where we've been is done, and your idea optimism is refreshing. Through the darkest nights I always find the dawn every morning. Pandemic or not, nothing changes about that.

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Live it

Jan 16, 2022 at 5:17am

I’m also an eternal optimist, because the alternative is despair. I’ve been through far too many crises in my long lifetime to allow myself to wallow for too long. The true secret to happiness is understanding that living in the moment is the only way. All we have is the present. Nothing else is guaranteed and the past isn’t possible to change. So learn to appreciate the good things that are all around you, practice gratitude, and remind yourself regularly that you’ve endured hardships before and you’re still here.

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@Live it

Jan 16, 2022 at 6:09pm

--> "in my long lifetime"

Just a wild shot in the dark, but are you perhaps the "537 year old museum" someone mentioned in a confession comment a couple years ago -- or do you mean decades, not centuries? :)

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