I haven't seen that face in years. And suddenly there it is. I wasn't prepared for it. Surprise, affection, loathing, confusion, betrayal, frustration. In a few seconds, it's gone. I have to remind myself that anything filmed in Vancouver risks having to see that person, even if briefly. It's strange to face a ghost from the past even when the person they were inspired by continues to walk among us. A modern haunting story.


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David D

Sep 19, 2022 at 10:28pm

Is this an ex-file or an X-file?

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Dark Angel

Sep 19, 2022 at 11:43pm

Johnny schlep... no, you hooked up with the guy from Lucifer?

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Sep 20, 2022 at 12:14am

Fair is foul and foul is fair.

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Sep 20, 2022 at 3:52am

Confessions here are messed up and such weird ass comments .
It's like the bloody Twilight Zone .
Some funny yet still hear the Doo doo doo doo music in my head from reading them :)

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Some ghosts

Sep 20, 2022 at 6:54am

Are demons.

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Sep 20, 2022 at 1:42pm

Last week I spent an hour packed into a taxi with a famous pornstar. Very weird to be in such proximity to a face i've only ever seen (and in clothes like a normal person)! Weirder that no one else knew who she was!

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Ghosts see ghosts.

Sep 20, 2022 at 4:54pm

As long as you continue dehumanizing human beings with the “ghost” label… prepare yourself for a lonely dystopian reality in the future. It will be your future… no one else’s. Our minds are incredible.

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Sep 20, 2022 at 6:51pm

Come-on, who was it?

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Sep 20, 2022 at 9:12pm

The other ppl aren’t the weirdos in that situation

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Sep 20, 2022 at 9:46pm

Friend of mine was wondering who, for research purposes OFC

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