it turned me into an emotionless psychopath

We worked in same dept and I fell in love with him. He said no thanks and I moved on. It down-spiraled into evil when a jealous old man supervisor sexually harassed me to push me out. the company did nothing and it was swept under the rug. When I lawyered up I was retaliated against. The ripple effect was horrible and non-stop, my 15 year old daughter was driven out of my home because I couldn't deal and took it out on her. I relapsed. I'm suicidal and confrontational. I'm a single mum and sole provider for two teens, no support from their father or the Gov. I broke my hands working for less than industry standard and was close to bankruptcy. The sexual harassment I can deal with, that old man is a joke and everyone knows it. The stress trauma on my kids, we can deal with, we love each other and don't fuss, but, I fear my daughter is gone for good and that really kills me, that she can't get past my negative environment at the time, she can't forgive me for a temporary lapse of calm gentle mum while I was processing the comapny's denial of sexual harassment by a supervisor. The worst part for me was when my old crush from work ghosted me. The man led me on and on and on. I confess, I loved working with him. I didn't need to be fake, I didn't need to talk, everything came natural. Even when he told me no, it was cool. I'm a big girl, I can handle rejection. But what's with the ghosting? Changed his number, didn't answer work emails, wouldn't talk to me when we crossed paths. I finally just started doing 180's and going another route if I would see him. When you are a man and you light up when a woman you like is around, give her closure when you decide she's not for you. Be a man and just tell her to move on, that you can't do it (with her!). People cry for real human experience and interactions, and then they ghost like it's something to do. Godammit, I will not let this clusterfuck experience turn me into an emotionless psychopath. I know I'm attractive and feel eyes on me all the time, I turn and look and behold! Another Mr. Right!


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Hey how are you...

Nov 25, 2022 at 9:18pm

Never mind I think you have been very clear I as a man have been run over by careless to out right cruel people so I tend to need to hear that a person wants this and or that before I can move forward too many times I was thrown under the bus when things never worked out!

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Nov 26, 2022 at 3:58am

God Bless you GentleLady <3 <3 <3 I am so sorry that you were sexually assaulted by an older man/supervisor :( My heart goes out to you. This world is misogynistic for sure. I am a man and when I was dating in my 30's every young woman I dated told me that they were raped, sexually abused, or somehow hurt by men in their lives :( We live in a satan-ruled world, where criminals are glorified and set free, while their victims suffer the consequences of guilt and shame. This world is of the devil. Be not deceived by all the good looks and trim and proper appearance of many men. Many are extremely intelligent narcissistic psychopaths, who prey upon innocent girls/women and cause them severe PTSD. All the women I dated in my 30's were broken and mentally/emotionally scarred for life! This world is of the devil, don't kid yourself. Even the bible says this world is the domain of satan. Again, Beautiful OP, I am so sorry you are going through so much pain and suffering :( Know that God Profoundly Loves you and your children. I myself was sexually abused by our late dad when I was a child, and that destroyed my psyche and my mind for many decades of my life :( Yet, somehow God Kept me and Sustained me through all the hardships men in my life put me through. Even though not all men are creeps, to this day I Cannot trust men; even Jesus Christ Taught, trust no man, Trust God. Be well <3 <3 <3

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@ @OP

Dec 1, 2022 at 9:31pm

There are some great gems of wisdom in the Bible, but it might not be the best moral compass to use.
In Leviticus, it makes it very clear that we all have a moral obligation to kill any gay man we encounter. Does that make moral sense to you?
There are other books to read.

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