I don’t want to accept you’re gone. Perhaps instead you’re traveling somewhere and too busy to stop by to say hello. The idea of attending your farewell ceremony feels like filing a missing persons report. I recount the last time I saw you, how you looked, what we talked about, where I thought you might have gone and a party is gathered. To seek and find your remains for closure seems to signify the search is over. Maybe it’s like a game of sardines. One by one we discover and crowd together in the hiding place of death. Gathering in solidarity acknowledging a final rite of passage completed and waiting for our friends to join us.


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Simulation theory

Nov 20, 2022 at 4:12pm

It's said that a thousand years on earth is like only a day in heaven meaning the average 80 year life span would be roughly 12 minutes. I don't think of those that have passed away as dead. They've merely woken up out of this shared dream matrix leaving their avatar behind. I have family that passed away years ago but for them only seconds perhaps a couple of minutes have passed. They're beside my sleep chamber right now waiting for me to wake up in what maybe only a few minutes for them but will pass like years for me. We'll all be together again. Just can't allow those devilish Agent Smiths trap me here with the devices of this world.

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