Bad judge behaviours

I need help very badly. I need someone to take over protecting me at home. I got mail from a judge saying I had to confess to things by law. RCMP came to see me from another province saying I have to confess to things on paper - I was sick in the head when this is happened. I can't control or screen my mail. I have never purposely hurt someone. I threw out my ID in the garbage because I was irrationally scared of it. It can't be replaced. Multiple judges are making me say that I have not done. They write down and say "You will only not get in trouble if you confess!". I feel so vulnerable and so scared. I can't believe two male judges have done this to me. I don't trust them at all. I will run out if money eventually and be homeless. I hate judges now. How is this possibly legal?!? I was mentally ill when they did this to me. I am rendered disabled. I need help and supervision at home so I don't screw myself over. I can't believe they get away with this. I wish there was a spare bedroom somewhere I could stay in forever so I could be safe. I am worried I will die as a result of this type of bullying. Soon, I won't have any legal ID when it expires. I need a safer place to live where people know I am safe but won't have the quality of life others do. I need help. I need protection. I need these assholes to stop making me say things and telling me I'm terrible out of context. I feel harmed. I can't stop them. They want to destroy me and have. Where is the social crowd in Vancouver to helps people overcome this? Who says "Whatever, stay home!", and "We will take care of you". I can't believe ive lost my special ID, home, opportunities. I feel so unsafe and so misunderstood. I need a better option than what has happened. I need them to stop enjoy screwing people over. I need a new home where their mail won't find me. I hear them laughing as I cry. They forced me to say I'm guilty and I don't feel that I am.


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Court of Public Opinion

Dec 6, 2022 at 7:09pm

I think I'd put their emails out on social media, send it to some alternative media sources, draw some pubic attention, you're probably not the first person they behaved in such a manner towards, more people would come forward, and the mainstream media would also end up picking it up. That's when you'll see their heads begin to roll.

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