Full load for BC family Dr 1200 patients

Wow. My family Dr told me they are full. 1200 is the limit. This is nuts. Sane in Canada. Is this kind or stupid


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Dec 2, 2022 at 10:41am

You found a family doctor in this town you should consider yourself lucky.
They are like leprechauns your not quite sure if they exist but you hear stories of people seeing them.

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Dr. Donothings

Dec 3, 2022 at 11:52pm

GPs are the most overpaid useless professional there is. Surgeons, nurses, medical machine operators actually do sh*t. Maybe it’s just my doctor though. Pardon me, ex-doctor. My mom’s gp is absolutely useless too. Having no doctor is way easier on mental health and the frustration with having to wait 10+ years for a spinal mri… that was booked by my helpful mental health worker and psychiatrist. I wonder if I could sue the gp for neglect? Probably not. But man have I struggled and suffered due to the lack of “caring”. If she was a car mechanic she’d have been fired… lickety split.

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