I loved you but it was never enough

I was in a relationship with this guy since April 2018, and we recently broke up. I tried to be the best girlfriend and gave my 100% to this relationship. Apparently, my 100% wasn’t enough to please this guy. He was my first boyfriend ever. Maybe that’s why I did not want to let go of this relationship that easily. I changed myself a lot for him. I just wanted someone who could love me, care for me and understand me. I have learned the hard way that you can’t make someone feel something. Emotions and feelings come from within. Coming from a broken home, I just craved a cure little family of my own. I just wanted to live with this person forever and create a family with him. It’s heart breaking how money changes people. He had become so money minded. Everytime while spending time with me, he would be thinking that in that time he would have made money if he was working. Or he would be checking his phone all the time for social media videos. I wish my live story was different…

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