I need to accept you like me, you get in touch when you need to vent. But you don't love me. I think you reserve love for you. You're a narcissist disguised as an awkward introvert. Despite the fact that I'm desperately lonely, I need to let go.


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No, it's definitely love for you

Jan 12, 2023 at 12:17pm

First of all, I've never done anything to give you the idea that I'm a narcissist. That's because I'm not. I just happened to have fallen in love with you, I want to pet you, make dinner for you, rub your back, kiss your lips, recite poetry to you, go for walks with you.

Adore you.

Not adore me in your shadow.

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Jan 12, 2023 at 2:11pm

You could be taking about a guy I used to know.
Sorry you had to go through that.
Thankful I didn't.

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Jan 12, 2023 at 5:07pm

Ok goodbye.
Nice not knowing you.
Chow Bella !

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Is it me?

Jan 12, 2023 at 8:35pm

I’m kind of an awkward introvert. But because of that I tend to hide away and hardly ever talk to my friends. So much bad stuff has happened in my life over the past several years and I don’t want to burden my friends with all of it. But I guess sometimes when I haven’t talked to someone for a long time it just tumbles out. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t love my friends! I really do. I’m really just an awkward person who is usually afraid to reach out because of that.

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Thank you for the best

Jan 13, 2023 at 5:09am

as in the best example of projecting because that is how I have felt about you. Well, except the desperately lonely part, that part is you.
Your ability to channel my thoughts has confused you. I loved what you showed me that you pretended to be, but that was your reflecting what you loved about me to attract me, so I don't know who you really are enough to say just who I loved. I know what I hoped you could be in order to love, and, tbh, I truly fell in love with that. It was a really good mask; it's just too bad that it hid such consistent deceptive sadistic cruelty. I wish it was as easy for you to love and to be open as it was to be cold, or to say mean, hurtful things to push people away. Those cruel things are the only mementos from you and are all I have to remember you. I should thank you for those, though, because it made it both easy for me to give up and move on... and to tell you yet again that, yes, you need to let go. Despite the many chances over the years and despite literally waiting for you and doing all the work to more than meet you halfway, you just don't have it in you to be the love I deserve. Plus, given how transactional your love is, I don't have the money or status to qualify for you anyway.
I'm okay with all that now. You should be, too. Forget us. Forget me.

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Sounds like

Jan 13, 2023 at 1:39pm

we both know the same guy.

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Awkward implies lack of confidence

Jan 13, 2023 at 4:27pm

So does introvert.
Narcissists don't suffer from that and they are never introverts

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Jan 13, 2023 at 7:36pm

Don't let the door hit you on the ass.

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Eric's Trip

Jan 14, 2023 at 6:28am

There is a 90's Canadian band that has a song called Happens All the Time. It says what you are saying in a lovely 90's east coast Canadian vibe. you should check it out.

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I have to ask

Jan 14, 2023 at 11:28pm

Are you sure they're a narcissist? I know many and none of them were awkward or introverted. Are you certain it's not you that is narcissistic?
Asking for a friend.

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