Can you imagine

The absolute best help these government funded programs can offer you to help you find an apartment is to help you look up Craigslist Ads. Can you imagine? They all say it Craigslist! First of all I have eyes and fingers and I am well aware of how to use Craigslist and I have been using it. The problem comes in that it's now so expensive for housing and the landlord's are so picky and I can barely afford a one bedroom apartment but mostly all the one bedroom apartments say " for one person only " what is up with that ? And landlord's receive so many applications you never stand a chance at a place. I got a job and they wouldn't let me take it. They said they have no insurance to watch my teenage son who is of age to stay by himself. How is that helping me ? I am here to tell everyone that you cannot get market rent without a job ! Yes it is impossible to get market rent without a job understand ? Do you know what it feels like to try and crawl out of a hole you have been in only to have someone put their foot on the top of your head and say " Now tell me what are your barriers are to finding an apartment". OMG fucking you ! You are my barrier !

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