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the loml & his partner broke up & it seems they might have even been sending each other nasty messages on here, based on revealing details. I'm not happy about this. I was happy for him when it seemed that he had found his happy ever after. And then they had a child so it really seemed like a happy ever after, though she was quite pregnant when they got married, so maybe it was an out-of-necessity marriage. Hopefully they can fix things. I'm not hoping for a chance with him as I feel like there is probably too much age difference between us.


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Jan 6, 2023 at 4:47pm

It’s so obvious that you are in fact hoping for another chance with him. The fact that you mentioned that you think they’re posting for each other on here makes it pretty clear that you’re hoping he sees your post and decides to contact you. Saying that you think there’s too much of an age difference is just your way of hoping he tells you that there isn’t. Get real with yourself.

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Jan 6, 2023 at 10:41pm

You believe everything you read you do this right. I use too until seeing the liars for fun and torment online first made me vomit then angry but one against many I lose every time if that makes me a loser so be it because they do not believe they are losers so loser I’m proud to be. Stop thinking I’m a liar and will have God herself prove it too you when you think you have time or even would like too.

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Jan 7, 2023 at 10:57am

Never ass assume a post is someone you know.
How would you possibly know unless you have tapped into someone's phone and are stalking them which would make you a terrible person. Secondly are you actually waiting around for a man with a pregnant wife hoping your turn is coming ?
This would also make you an idiot !
Find your own man sweetie.

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I Can't Even

Jan 7, 2023 at 11:24am

Why would you consider a guy the love of your life who posts mean message to his ex?

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Shelagh knows

Jan 7, 2023 at 1:04pm

Your getting down votes from those of us that are in happy relationships with big age differences. Im 15 years older than my guys. Love doesnt care about age.

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@ I Can't Even

Jan 9, 2023 at 6:18pm

Because there's always those people around that can see the truth even if they don't always say anything about it.

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Jan 13, 2023 at 1:50pm

Wrong. I gave up on relationships almost 10 years ago when I finally got free of a user, pedo ex-bf. Guess I should have mentioned that in my confession. But even if I was open to being in a relationship again, I still would think he and I have too much age difference between us.

I understand your assumption, you didn't have all the facts... and that is why people shouldn't assume. There might be (probably is) more to the situation than you are aware of.

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