It's called dope sickness for a reason...

I think the decriminalization of hard drugs is probably a good thing overall, within reason. Where I live, in Gastown, it seems it has been decriminalized since I've lived here anyway (5 years). The one thing the VPD needs to remember is that use and abuse of hard drugs can lead to psychotic behavior including violence, theft, manipulation and more. Just because people are on drugs does not give them a free pass for criminal behavior. Legal-ish drugs, great for them. Crazy behavior, bad for everyone else.


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Jan 31, 2023 at 7:54pm

Ya I heard about that today.
I think they want more people to feel free to do these harsh drugs. Party it up and they don't have to worry about getting caught so they will be doing excessive amounts and end up killing themselves.
Saves a lot of time and tax payers money if all the addicts are dead.
Then it would be easier to clean up the downtown core. Make it all pretty again, put up all those new highrises to attract the
"right" people back in their minds.
Cha- Ching right !
They see big dollar signs in the downtown core area.
I know this seems like a harsh comment.
But think about it.

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Feb 1, 2023 at 3:31am

...Then it's time to legalize cocaine, heroin, and anything else that can be controlled and distributed properly under government licence.

In Victorian times you could buy cocaine and heroin at your local drugstore and since at that time Britain ruled 25% of the planet these drugs didn't do a lot of irrecoverable damage.

Everything now is under the corrupt politicians receiving bribes from Big Pharma. And it makes me want to puke.

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Crazy criminal behaviour is unique to drug users?

Feb 2, 2023 at 7:29am

"That use and abuse of hard drugs can lead to psychotic behavior including violence, theft, manipulation and more." Well isn't that simply the majority of people, look around.

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@ Crazy

Feb 3, 2023 at 8:47pm

No, actually it is NOT the majority of the people. I don’t know where you live or who you’re hanging out with, but I don’t know anyone thieving, being violent, or whatever the “more” is you’re referring to. I suggest that hard drug abuse definitely makes a person much more likely to engage in that type of behaviour. So making it even easier to do it isn’t likely going to help the situation one b. All it’s going to do is ease the burden on the cops who are no longer going to be expected to arrest the people carrying smaller amounts. Of course they haven’t been doing that for years anyway, based on the evidence with open drug use happening right on the doorstep of the police station in the lower east side. All it’s going to do is make it possible for dealers to get young and innocent guys recruited to carry small amounts they won’t get arrested for, to make it easier for them to carry on their trade. It’s not going to help the addicts or the general population who are being repeatedly targeted for crimes by them. This is the “cheap” way out for law enforcement.

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