Spare the sob story.

Being an Irish immigrant who has lived in London before making Vancouver my home. I have never been a fan of the British establishment. If anyone has any insight in to the Irish history to present, you'd understand why. You'd also understand why I find the humour at the release of a certain book. I really hope SNL do a skit with all of the main characters and invite Jerry Springer as the talk show host (Front seats please!). From the excerpts that were released online, It makes what they represent as I've always believed, a total joke. I think the Canadian public would agree, that we've got better things to spend our tax payers money on, than these individuals.


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The ex-duke

Jan 11, 2023 at 10:28pm

Look... I've never known what the commoners go through until I'd join the armed forces. It was there that I had suddenly been exposed to what every man goes through every day, despite my royal status. I'm just an ordinary guy who removed several pieces from the chessboard. You can judge me harshly if you must. But always remember that my dad was insensitive when my mother died and my brother caused me to dress up like a nazi and beat me up because he didn't like me wife.

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Lord Fuckmeintneface the 3rd

Jan 12, 2023 at 7:52pm

But in the end you're a white person (likely) who benefited from white privilege like those of other European backgrounds.

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Missing the point

Jan 17, 2023 at 7:15am

I haven’t read the book. However, I think that what he and his wife have done is a good thing, because it’s bringing into the open the very corruption at the core of that institution. None of us got to choose which family we’re born into, and that includes him. If you decide that you will only have compassion for people born into specific circumstances, then you don’t actually have genuine compassion at all. What you have is judgement.

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