Beyond reach.

Worse than being alone is being surrounded by people who make you feel cold, isolated and lonely. Cold on the inside, chilled to your bones, a desperate kind of sadness. I have a favourite YouTuber who uploads new videos almost daily and to remain sane, I pretend she and I are friends and she's in my corner, supporting me, encouraging me, cheering me on. It's a pretty sad state of affairs. I want to have a life like hers. Not fancy objects, not interested in materialism, just surrounded by kindness and community, in a safe space of my own. Those things feel like luxuries out of my reach.


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You're not alone, but you are...

Feb 26, 2023 at 12:13am

Wasn't there a study a couple of years ago that found Vancouver to be Canada's loneliest city? The locals are polite, but standoffish, rather reserved and cliquey with those who they spend time with.

I'm sorry to say it's not going to change, this is how it's been since I came to Vancouver in 1990 and this issue is discussed yearly in a few articles or high profile vlog/blog entries with absolutely nothing changing. You have to consider changing because Vancouver won't.

Find some place to live this lifestyle you desire and where people are just better.

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A cautionary note

Feb 26, 2023 at 6:58am

It’s nice that this YouTube person gives you some comfort. However, please remember that what you see isn’t necessarily the truth. Lots of these social media people present a totally false picture of themselves and their own lives. Everyone struggles at some times, even those who appear to have no problems at all. Without knowing what your own situation is it’s impossible to know what’s possible for you at this time, but as someone who has experienced a great deal of my own struggles over a long life, I can say for sure that everything changes. That’s the one thing you can count on in life in fact. So as difficult as your present situation may seem, just know that it’s not permanent and that you can have the life you envision.

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