When I listen to Bob Marley's song:

'So Much Troubles in This World' And read the headlines news about Ukraine, and a quarter million people in Texas without electric power being down for a week from an ice storm, and starvation in Senegal Africa, and certain bozos contesting power in the States. If I'm not careful with my thoughts I get anxieties. And then when I witness the homeless people suffering two blocks from where I live. Yea! 'So Much Problems in This World' and I have to think about myself getting angry with some of my neighbours. Then I realize change has to start inside each and everyone of us and maybe, just maybe we can avert WW3 and climate disaster to provide a liveable world for our children's children. Spread the Word


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Feb 8, 2023 at 7:34am

The word is already out but I think people think it's such a daunting task what can I possibly do to change it so they just roll over and stew about it inside.
I say World Revolution !
Taking back the night !
Kicking some ass !
Whatever slogan you want to call it :)
You know there are a lot more of us little people roaming around this big old planet than them.
Think about that !

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Feb 8, 2023 at 7:49am

All I want is an apartment for my son and I.
And I will be quiet like a mouse.
Ever person on this damn planet should have a place to live and health and dental care provided. Holy shit with the amount of money the government and the upper crust wastes on bullshit everyday. I shouldn't even be needing the convay this statement to you.
But I am get it !

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I'm beginning to see the light (Lou Reed)

Feb 8, 2023 at 2:03pm

Wine in the morning
and some breakfast at night.
I'm beginning to see the light.
Some people work very hard
and still they never get it right.
But I'm beginning to see the light.
There are a lot of problems in these times,
ooh, but none of them are mine.
I'm beginning to see the light.

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