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We could replace all of the homelessness services with homes. I don't want to pay the green haired idiots, but I would like to help the homeless. The green haired idiots act like jack-asses and clowns. Their politics are ridiculous. They also ruin parties. Homeless people do need our help though, and we need to put them in better settings where their mental health can recover. I don't know why the left is in charge of this issue. Modern society creates this issue and leftists encourage modern society without any humanistic and realistic checks and balances in place. Homeless people don't need legal drugs. They need to be away from drugs period.


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Mar 21, 2023 at 11:40am

Lay off the angry youtube videos, go outside, and look around. All the people in charge are self-interested neoconservatives/liberals-in-name-only who are content to perpetuate this broken system.

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