Don't know much about AI.....

But I highly doubt it will help me get laid.


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Getting laid is easy but superficial

Mar 12, 2023 at 10:52am

Does that mentality help yourself or others? Getting a loving reliable partner to go the distance is what makes for a healthy happy personal and community life.

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Give it a chance

Mar 12, 2023 at 6:10pm

I was going to ask ChatGPT to 'Tell me everything you know about women' to see if I could break it but it wanted my phone number. Ewww no.

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Mar 13, 2023 at 9:25am

They're making AI robots that'll put out for all you lonely people too.

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Sex AI robots

Mar 13, 2023 at 8:57pm

Yuck !!!!!!!!

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Just watch

Mar 14, 2023 at 1:05am

Ex Machina and you will know what we are in for 20 to 50 years from now

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