Dont work for family run businesses EVER!!!

Family businesses are toxic AF. All of the baggage and drama and BS gets aired out constantly. Dumb family dynamics are pushed on to non family employees and bad patterns of behaviour get hopelessly entrenched. I used to like my job, but these dumb people and their bullshit are doing my head in. Im gonna wait till it gets SUPER busy then quit. The family members are now on their 3rd vacation of the year while we are swamped with absurd work orders that are nowhere near realistic. Fuck this place. Im so happy im leaving. Just a couple more weeks.


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Isn't that interesting

Mar 31, 2023 at 3:16pm

I found the same thing. It's a subculture of weird.

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Been there

Apr 1, 2023 at 5:19am

I once worked for a small family business and it was torture. The daughter would show up hours late and do almost nothing all day, never took responsibility for anything she did wrong. Another employee and I were talking about it and the mother overheard us. We were both raked over the coals and told that the daughter was the best employee in the place. So many other things, like father cheating on his wife and the mother ranting and crying at work. The son being a complete lecherous ass, the family fighting, etc. it was exhausting dealing with them all. Never again!

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