Frustrating expectations

I used to absolutely love my job but as of this week I’m questioning the weird sh!t they’re asking us to do. There are occasional new tasks and I’m trying to be positive but some things might be totally inappropriate. I know it’s to save money. It’s not nice working there anymore. My first job with mostly great colleagues. Funny awesome smart people. Thought I was gonna retire here. I want to work somewhere else until this weirdness is done. Have a feeling this kinda stuff will go on for years though. I’ll stand up for myself as I draw the line at backbreaking work. I don’t want to possibly become injured from this and have my whole exciting life ahead of me. What are they thinking?! Save a buck, possibly hurt extremely valuable employees who were hired to do desk work not physical labor. I’m not lazy, I give 110% effort every day. Please don’t make me leave. I need a vacation. This makes me want to take up drinking, just kidding. (Sorry, that’s not funny.) Thank you.


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Job description

Mar 2, 2023 at 1:33pm

Does your job description say manual labour is included? If you don't have one you could base responsibilities on what you have been doing until now. If you have one that doesn't include physical labour then you don't have to but risk losing your job over it. You might want to check out the following for your rights.

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Exciting update

Mar 2, 2023 at 10:17pm

I’m gonna focus on my main job and not work on this temporary thing anymore. It’s so uncomfortable and gives me pain. Frick off for requesting this. It’ll always be expected to do extra stuff well no more. Bye Felicia!

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