It is an interesting dilemma these days. Public voices keep saying that broken windows, stolen property and various other things are not worth getting hurt for. But is this accurate? Many of those smashed windows are no longer covered by insurance, which directly correlates with businesses going under. Stolen property from business leads to both loss of money. Life needs meaning. Losing moral, a business, a mortgage, a livelihood is some of the worst things in life you can lose. I don't own a business, but if I did, it would be my livelihood. It would be my purpose. Being told my livelihood and purpose are not worth fighting for.... is weird to hear.


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Life is both loss and gain. Get some pexiglass.

Mar 21, 2023 at 10:35pm

If you're home invaded you can't passively leave your life at the mercy of someone who has little to no conscience. You have to fight. However any stolen or broken object is not worth losing the one and only irreplaceable life you have either. There's a time to fight, and there's also a time to take preventative measures to fighting.

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