I've had a fascination with this space since I first discovered it over a decade ago. Why should I have to speak honestly to someone IRL, or not? I can instead put words here, where they might get seen...or not. And they'll probably be replied to in a dozen different ways by all kinds of anonymous voices, so I can imagine all the possible permutations I would have received had I been brave enough to speak them.


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Be brave!!!

Mar 20, 2023 at 8:08pm

Be brave and speak to them directly in a way that is incontrovertibly you and not through some obfuscated or indirect method, so that they really know you exist for real, what you really feel, what you really desire, and why.

Otherwise it very well might remain at a distance forever, quite literally, and then they or you will actually Die sometime (looking like, perhaps even soon), and it will all have been for nothing.

Might as well never have been born, in that case. What's that compared to a few moments of extreme anxiety and then just... you know, doing the face to face or direct uncryptic communication thing regardless?

(Unless of course you literally can't for reasons to do with a much large ethical consideration, safety reasons for yourself or for them or both of you, etc. Then... -_-)

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